Top 10 reasons you should NOT a storm-chasing contractor, Part 2

This is part 2 of a 2-part series: Top 10 reasons you should NOT a storm-chasing contractor

FOR REASONS 6-10  [Read Part 1 here]

Scenario:  After a significant storm passes through an area there could hail damage, wind damage or damage caused by fallen objects.  Sometimes the damage is obvious but in many cases the damage isn’t noticeable unless it is pointed out.  A good example of this is hail damage to a roof or aluminum siding.
Immediately after such a storm you can expect your neighbourhood to be heavily canvassed by local and out-of-state contractors (storm chasers).  These contractors are very aggressive in their efforts to convince you to place a claim with your insurance company for the potential damage to your home.  They will explain to you that they will help you with your insurance claim in exchange for you to agree to let them do the renovation to your home.  In many cases they will ask you to sign a contract for their services WITHOUT GIVING YOU A PRICE.  They tell you they will do “the work” for the amount of the insurance companies estimate.  After you sign the contract the contractors will take measurements of your home and prepare to meet with your insurance adjuster after a claim has been placed with your insurance company.  The contractor will then meet with your insurance company adjuster and attempt to get them to pay for a new roof or siding.  If the insurance company approves the damage the contractor will expect to perform the work outlined in the insurance companies estimate for THE AMOUNT OF THE INSURANCE ESTIMATE.  Keep in mind the contractor has NEVER given you a price yet.

5:  The contractors (storm chaser) say they are local but are they?  Research them. Research them. Research them.  In many cases these “local” contractors are actually not local at all.  They are out-of-state contractors who “rent” or “buy” the name of a local contractor and use their local phone number.  Ask to see their drivers licenses, business license and/or look at their vehicle’s license plates.

4:  You don’t have any damage but they recommend reporting a claim anyway.  In this case the contractor is hoping he gets lucky and the insurance company approves an undamaged roof.  Believe it or not this happens because many insurance adjusters aren’t familiar with hail damage.  Keep in mind that your rates could go up even if the insurance company doesn’t pay anything out.  It is only a good idea to report a claim when in fact there is actually covered damage. 

3: Contractor (storm chaser) is requiring a large down payment or they front load the payment schedule.  Make sure that you hold at least 40% of the money until the job is 100% complete and you are satisfied.  Never give more than a 30% downpayment and make sure the contractor has a START date for when the job is to commence.  After work has started and the materials are at your home, you may consider making another installed payment to the contractor.  Make sure you get a receipt for all payments made. 

2: No upfront written warranty paperwork and/or warranty is only backed by the contractor.  Many reputable roofing and siding contractors have the ability to offer warranties that are FULLY backed by the material manufacturer.  What happens if the warranty is only backed by the contractor and the contractor goes out of business in 6 months?  Ask about the material warranty and the labor warranty.  Make sure it is in writing BEFORE you make your final payment.

1:  It is illegal.  It is against the law to assist a person or business in securing a settlement from their insurance company for property damage unless you are a licensed public adjuster.  Pennsylvania Law click here.  New Jersey Law click here.  Contractors do not have the training or experience to understand your insurance policy and make sure your insurance company has properly compensated you for your loss.  It is in your best interest to hire Resolve Adjustment to settle the loss with your insurance company, so you can then interview LOCAL contractors and secure bids for the job.  If you are currently under a contract with a “storm chaser” you may have options to cancel the contract.  Contact Resolve Adjustment today for additional information.

If you see contractors (storm chasers) in your neighborhood like the one described above – it is likely your home sustained damage from a storm.  Call Resolve Adjustment today for a FREE home inspection. 215-352-5202

FOR REASONS 6-10  [Read Part 1 here]

This is part 2 of a 2-part series: Top 10 reasons you should NOT a storm-chasing contractor

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